"From Hooker To Healer"
          Author, Rev. Mary Seid

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The Real Fountain Of Youth Is Electricity

Orgies, a Brothel, and a High-Class Escort.
I went from pleasing people’s sexual appetites, to later in life, a world known healer.         By using Electric-Therapy Machines, such as electricity, ozone, magnetic fields, color, sound, frequencies, scalar wave, tachyon, Cayce and Nikola Tesla high voltage devices used for giving the body the power to heal itself.

We are made up of all these energies, so it makes sense to heal the body with these same forms of energies.

learn how they are used to reverse aliments from A to Z, pain, reverse the aging process while giving mental and physical energy.


In my book you can take a detailed tour of my 90 different electrical healing machines, featuring Nikola Tesla Technology.


                                              I reversed my Lyme disease with a 9-volt battery in two weeks.

    If you are lucky, once in a lifetime, something or someone will significantly impact

your life. Dr. Hulda Clark, a holistic practitioner, was the influence that began the change in my

life forever. In the 1990s, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  I was 38 years old and by

synchronicity, I came upon the book called “The Cure For All Disease” by Dr. Hulda Clark.
  With the simplicity of a 9-volt battery therapy, as called out in her book, she truly saved

my life and started my journey of teaching people how to heal themselves with holistic

energy machines. 

    We are spinning electrons, electrical beings at the sub-atomic level and we are just a

big battery full of milli-volts. When the milli-volts of our cells become low in electrical

charge, all we have do is recharge them, just like we recharge our cell phone, so it can work properly.

   I have ordered thousands of dollars’ worth of different healing machines over 27 years

to research them, so I could find the cost-effective ones. These offer the quickest and

best healing results. I have done the footwork for you. I have found the number one

machine which is all the machines rolled into one, it is called The Energizer Health Tool.

Come stay with me for a week and have access to all these machines 24/7.
At the end of your stay receive a
framed certificate for taking my Self- Healing Electro-Therapy course.

Read how I went from swinger clubs, then into escort services and ended up in a brothel in Nevada in my 20's.

Table Of Content
Chapter 1. How and why, I Started My Business
Chapter 2. Electricity, The True Fountain Of Youth
Chapter 3. History and Future of Electro-Therapies
Chapter 4. Who Was Nikola Tesla and My Connection To Him
Chapter 5. My Interview About Nikola Tesla On A New York Radio Station
Chapter 6. Learn Muscle Testing Supplements and Machines
Chapter 8. Mary’s protocol of Top 10 machines That I Highly Recommend
Chapter 9. Come Stay With Me To Get Your Health Back On Track
                 *Receive Electrotherapy Course Certification
Chapter 10. Sylvia Browns Prediction Of Covid, Bird flu, Long Haulers and Other Epidemics
Chapter 11 . Energy Healing
                *Reiki, Before and After Aura Photo, See The True Blue Color of Reiki
Chapter 12. Bio-Feedback Machines, Wellness Centers and Naturopaths
Chapter 13. Stems Cells, I Am A Believer
Chapter 14. Thank God For Sex Workers
*Swinger Club, *Escort services, *Brothel, *Aura photos of sex, *Improve erectile
dysfunction and using the Energizer Health Tool for the prostate,
*Home test strips for sexual diseases, *Nymphomania and rape.
Chapter  15. My Miscellaneous Thoughts
*Kissing aura photo
*Fear of dying is the biggest motivator and Alligator aura photo before and after death
*Low Body Temperature, part Of The Aging Process and *Telomeres and True Anti-aging,
*Absinthe Alcohol Drink, Cirrhosis Of The Liver,
*Aura photo before and after drinking alcohol, and *Aura Photo before and after smoking a cigarette *Pet aura, *Friends aura, *Aura photos before and after prayer on food
*The Herxheimer effect,  *Dangers of Aspartame and NutraSweet
*Gravitational Field Therapy, *Hot/cold Shower Water Therapy
*Electrocute Algae Blooms in South Florida,
*EMF Why is it harmful and using Protection, *Air Tube technology for cellphone.
*Before and after aura photo of using a cellphone,
*Harp Music Frequencies, *My workspace and how I protect myself from harmful EMF Fields,
*Emoto Water Experiments, *The FDA threatened me with jail, and I had to shut down
*Learn To Make Some Of The Healing Tools
Chapter 16. Our Underwater Wedding In SeaWorld’s Main Aquarium
Chapter 17. Medical Intuitive Margo

Chapter 18. New Healing Inventions Coming

Chapter 19. Available Services
Chapter 20. Recommended Books, Local Healers and Authors, Index


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